Escape Race

Race against your family, friends or colleagues and find out who is the fastest of the two!





Unique in Amsterdam is our escape race, in which two teams compete against each other in identical escape rooms. Our system shows exactly at which step of the game each team is, allowing you to see which team is in the lead.  A battle against time, but also against your friends, family or colleagues! The escape race is available in the escape rooms Infiltrate, Sabotage and Wild Joe.

To make sure everyone has a great escape experience, we have a maximum of 6 people per room. That means that every race can be played by 12 people at the same time. This makes these escape rooms perfect for larger groups. 



Escape Room: Infiltrate

Escape from prison!

Can you infiltrate in the jail cell and help your friend escape?
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Escape Room: Sabotage

Save the world!

Can you save the world from a nuclear disaster?
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Escape Room: Wild Joe

Find your guns!

Will you survive your hangover and find your guns before it is too late?
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