Combine your escape with more activities

When using all of our escape rooms, we can let 66 people escape at the same time! Is your party bigger? Then it is possible to combine the escape rooms with another activity, such as: the pub quiz, various interactive Ipad challenges, different workshops or a canal cruise through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. See below an example of how we organise an event with a group of 100 people. One group will start with the escape experience, while the other group will participate in one of the activities. After 60 minutes the two groups will switch from activity.


15:30 – 16:00                     100 persons reception in the lounge with coffee / tea and game instructions

16:00 – 17:00                     50 persons race-to-escape (8 escape rooms)

16:00 – 17:00                     50 persons cruise with drinks through Amsterdam (or another activity)

17:00 – 17:30                     100 persons switch activity while enjoying a snack and a drink

17:30 – 18:30                     50 persons race-to-escape (8 escape rooms)

17:30 – 18:30                     50 persons cruise with drinks through Amsterdam (or another activity)

18:30 – 20:30                     100 persons having dinner in the Escape Factory lounge

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Unique private cruise through the canals of Amsterdam! You can board the cruise next to Stork restaurant in Amsterdam North (next to Escape Factory). If necessary, the boarding on and off the canal cruise can of course be changed to a location that is preferred by you and your guests.

Duration: 1,5 hours

Costs: Depending on the number of people, the time and the number of additional option

Additional options:

  • Welcome drink
  • Different beverage arrangements on board.
  • The drinks package can be extended with additional snacks.
  • A guide who can tell you and your guests everything about our beautiful capital.




“Enjoy together, taste, laugh and learn in an informal atmosphere!”. A workshop with content, taste and new discoveries in the field of chocolate. Pauline Gingnagel and Sabine Poutsma from Zaans Gedaan | CacaoLab will tell you everything about cocoa and chocolate. While tasting, you will discover the evolutions in the preparation of cocoa and chocolate. We take you on a taste tour along the first cocoa product via cocoa powders and other chocolate and end with the fine flavoured chocolate. We are hopping back in time to the first use of cocoa in South America, to the years 1830, 1840, 1870, 1960 and again to the here and now. At each period you will taste the new influences, inventions and developments.

In short, a tasting with information, surprising discoveries and great taste!

Duration: 1 hour

Costs: €12,50 per person




A unique escape game that can be played in our lounge! Toni Haris, Head of ICT of a multinational, has been fired and has to leave the building immediately. The reason for his resignation: Toni sold confidential business information to competitors and partners with whom he cooperated. Toni is very talented when it comes to computers and he was responsible for many IT solutions within the company. But the company saw no other choice than his immediate dismissal. Haris totally disagrees with this decision and has sent the company an email. He demands a large sum of money, otherwise he will decrypt the computer server and make all future plans of the company public. Of course, the company refused this, on which Haris started downloading the documents. But it is not too late …. There is still 1 hour to stop the download, but how? The only clue is his suitcase that he left in the office.

Duration: 1 hour

Costs: €17,50 EUR per person




Have you been waiting for your moment to shine? The moment to show your singing skills to your family, friends or colleagues? We have a karaoke system with many different types of songs in our assortment, varying from old to new, from Dutch to English, from good to horrible. Musical entertainment during dinner, receptions or during drinks. Since not all of our Escape Factory guests want to hear those ‘golden voices’, the group will be placed in a private room that will be at your disposal during the whole karoke session. You can sing as often as you want, unless your party thinks otherwise …

Duration: 1 hour

Costs: €12,50 EUR per person




A team game where you and your group play multiple game rounds. The candidates answer questions as a team that are being asked by our quizmaster. The pubquiz consists of several rounds, such as a ‘guess the song’ or ‘get the picture’. The questions can be about anything and everything, but often there is a big role for current affairs, TV, music, film, countries and perhaps your own company. The Escape Factory can, in consultation with the company itself, incorporate elements of the company as quiz questions in a creative way.

All specific wishes are taken into account. Over the years our quizmaster has already hosted more than 100 parties, varying from ten to two hundred people. Contact us for more details.

Duration: 1 hour

Costs: €12,50 per person